Nature Talk

    People who are practically and theoretically concerned about development of tribal communities, have churned out numerous proposals to improve the life condition of tribal people. Yet after over half century of such exercises, news reports reveal abject poverty conditions of tribal and scheduled communities living in villages remote from town area. Thanks to the roaming eyes of newspersons, general mass can know about these in visual or print-media. On public relation, officials’ rushes to the spotted area, under camera cover, opposition legislators do their duties in proper forum, and that is all.

    Administrative authorities in several Indian States are very perturbed about growing menace of Naxalite or People’s War Groups or Maoists. These groups are distinguished from the terrorist outfits or secessionists, operating in many other places. Interestingly, such groups are active in extremely underdeveloped areas dominated by tribal and similar (sec.) people. These groups have declared "jehad" against administration for discriminatory functioning. But the violent path adopted by them has caused panic among officials and village panchayat who are connected with development.

    At initial stage (in the sixth decade of last century} such groups were in limited areas, without appropriate tackling, now it has spread to many places. Strong-arm treatment has spread to many places. The progenitors of these movements always draw their inspiration from some non-Indian political philosophy of early twentieth century, from such types of clashes between ruling group and belligerent groups, the poor tribal and land-less people are the victims. Both the warring sections ruling group the activists their affections to certain political philosophy and none is really concerned about protection of rights of ignorant tribals, living under the mercy of educated citizens.

    Educated people owe the responsibility of putting an end to all types experimental programmes and provide a reasonably dignified life to poor tribal and schedule communities. Those intellectuals who practice have to evaluate their treasure of data and provide actual remedy not simply prescribe methods, like telling a sick person of the technical name of the illness but curing by administrating medicine. In the present situation, the inhabitant of hill forest areas, are becoming victims of national development programmes. The ruling class is eager to sell off hills to some companies for establishing some fund to their rehabilitation. These are something like selling someone’s house to feed them free.

    This has set a vicious cycle and has provided hospitable ground for thriving of resurgently. Statistics based plans generated in the air conditioned chambers implemented through indifferent and dishonest system have perpetuated all kinds of poverty and morbidity among the deprived citizens.

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